1992 Jeep YJ Specs
      1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Specs
      1990 Eagle Talon (Blue) Specs
      1992 Eagle Talon (Black) Specs
      2008 Jr Dragster Specs

The Drag Jeep

In the fall of 1992, W.J. Mouat auto instructor Richard Johnson decided to stop construction of an Eagle Talon drag car to pursue a quicker and cheaper alternative.....a Jeep YJ dragster!!! The Talon project was going to be too large and expensive of a project to complete and since the Jeep was the same wheel base and physical size, the parts were easily swapped over to the new project. It took a year and a half to complete the Jeep and have it ready for the first race at Mission in 1994. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< More to come >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                Jeep YJ Construction Pictures

The Jr. Dragster program

Starting in 2008, Power Mechanics Instructor Cory Wong arranged the purchase of a custom Jr. Dragster for the younger students of WJ Mouat. The school's PAC agreed to purchase the chassis using Bingo monies. Many hours of research determined that the dragster needed to fit students of various sizes over the next several years and most used units available were specifically built for a that driver. So the decision was to purchase a custom built chassis from Creative Chassis near Seattle. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< More to come >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                Jr. Dragster Construction Pictures

Eagle Talons

Please see the Project Talon section.

The Electrathon "mini" Jeep

      Electric Jeep Specs

In the fall of 1998, CAD Instructor Dave Liversidge organized a group of students to design, build, and race an electric car. They looked at several designs using a borrowed wind tunnel to test. <<<<<<<<<<<<<< More to come >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
                Electrathon "mini" Jeep Construction Pictures