Vehicle: 2008 Creative Chassis

Chassis: Chome Moly with 2" flex (Semi-lay down style)
Front half: 3/4" Tube - 3 bar front with stabilizer braces
Computer: MyChron 4
Weight: ??? lbs.
Best ET: 9.62 sec @ ?? mph (1/8 mile)- June 13, 2008
Best 60 foot: ??? sec.
Starting Line Acceleration: g's

Engine: JR Racing stage 4

Horsepower: 15
Compression: 9:1
Pistons: OEM
Camshaft: Jr Racing spec
Oil: Castrol 5W-30 Syntec (400ml)
Exhaust: XR-1 Borla muffler #40484 (1- 3/4" IN 2 1/4" OUT)

Fuel System: Methanol

Carb: 28mm Mikuni
Fuel pump: B&S OEM
Filtration: Fram ??


Coil: Briggs & Straton # (Gap: .030")
Sparkplug: Autolite #2656 (Gap: .025"-.030")


Clutch: Shockwave 7" reverse driven
Clutch belt: Shockwave 3/4"wide
Chain: #35 gold
Rear Axle: 18" wide x 1-1/4" Aluminum w/Billet cassettes
Disc Brake: 10" x 1/4" steel on billet aluminum hub
Brake fluid: Dot 5 silicone
Brake/Throttle Pedals: Creative Chassis billet aluminum
Steering: CC Butterfly removeable steering wheel
Steering: Rack and Pinion
Front Tires: 16"x1.75" on star billet wheels (25psi)
Rear Tires: M/2 Mickey Thompson 18"x8" on 10x6 3 spoke wheels (6psi)

Body & Paint

Powder coated chassis: candy red
Body: fiberglass shell w/matching separte fiberglass nose
Deflector/seat: .065" aluminum
Windshield: tinted

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