Vehicle: 1992 Jeep YJ

Features: Harwood Aero-scoop
Weight: 2700 lbs.
Best ET: 11.71 sec @ 109.2 mph (¼ mile)
Best 60 foot: 1.46 sec.
Starting Line Acceleration: 1.7g's

Engine: AMC 401

Compression: 10.5:1
Pistons: TRW Power Forged (#L2380F30)
Camshaft: Colt Cams custom Hydraulic profile (#C78H)
Valvetrain: PRW Roller rockers (#0230205) on ARP 7/16" studs (#134-7103)
Pushrods: Comp Cams 5/16"x 7.800" .080"wall (#7972-16)
Rings: Sealed Power Moly
Heads: Closed Chamber (mildly ported)
Oil Pan: Milodon Deep 7qt. pan
Intake: Edelbrock Torker
Exhaust: Cyclone Headers into 5" Supertrapps
Oil Filtration: Fram HP2

Fuel System: by FAST

Fuel Injection: FAST EZ-EFI 2.0
Fuel Pump: Walbro 255LPH
Filtration: Fram P4102

Ignition: by Aurora Electronics

Aurora Magnum Prototype Series
Aurora Rev Limiter
Aurora 8.5 mm wires
Sparkplugs: Autolite 65

Cooling System:

Radiator: 4 row high density
Electric Fans: Twin Dayco 12"
Electric Fan switch: Hayden 3647
Water pump: Moroso electric

Transmission: Turbo 400 by Bill Kondolay (DTT)

Shift Kit: Transgo Stage 2
Converter: 10" Race (3500 stall) by Island Torque Converters
    (#R10-172) 30 degree negative fin angle on the pump,
    an aluminum stator with a roller spring race, furnace brazed pump and turbine with a steel spline.
Cooler: B&M (#70268)
Shifter: B&M Z-Gate

Rear Suspension: 4 Link by Art Morrison

Dana 60 w/Strange spool by Jamie Roth (IWE Rearends only)
4.56:1 Gears and 35 spline Strange axles
U-Joints: Precision HD #269 (1310 series)
Competition Engineering coil overs
GoodYear 14 x 32 slicks #D1984 on 15 x 14 Weld Draglite rims #90-51435?
Art Morrison Pro Stock wheelie bars

Front Suspension: Modified Dana 30 axle

Modified Dana 30 axle: Tube re-sleeved with a straight pipe
          Brakes & Outboard knuckle: from 1990 2WD Comanche (MJ)
          Raybestos Semi-Metallic pads: #PGD203M
          Extreme Duty Rotors: #5113
          OEM leaf springs: Leaf removed and shackles reversed
Shocks: Competition Engineering #
GoodYear 25" Front Runners #D2991 on 15 x 3.5" Weld Draglite rims #90-54340


Auto Meter Gauges: 5" Monster Tach; Fuel, Oil, Water, Vacuum, Ammeter, Volt, Rich-Lean
Jager 5-point harness with arm restraints
Polished aluminum dash
RCI Racing bucket seats

Body & Paint

PPG Deltron 2000 Base/Clear

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