Name: Vanessa Jamieson
Grad: 2005

Mouat Stats:

Team Involvement: 2 years
Best Reaction Time: .000 (on May 29, 2005 Driving the Jeep!!)
Accolades: 1st place @ Ashcroft's Jacket race!!! 3rd Female driver of the Jeep YJ (12.15sec pass).

Mouat Highlights:

All the trips to ashcroft, qualifying for the divisional finals in Mission last year, afterschool Thursdays and all the other times I stayed to help out...and BURNOUTS!!!

Team Experiences:

Christmas parades, working on the talons, driving the Jeep YJ, Talon and Wagoneer...etc.


Working-out; running; hanging-out with friends; working on cars in the shop; just generally having fun!!!

Future Plans:

Still to be decided....

Vanessa Jamieson

Vanessa's ride

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