Name: Rob Featherstone
Grad: 2001

Mouat Stats:

Team Involvement: 1 year +
Best Reaction Time: .508
Accolades: two rounds

Mouat Highlights:

Rob is rebuilding a Formula Ford car to compete in the High School Drag racing series.

Team Experiences:

Rob is finding out how hard it is to get parts for a 23 year old car built in England.


Looking for old ugly English cars. Check out his web site at:

Post-secondary Training:

Rob is working at Cascade Air (formely Con-Air) in Abbotsford

Future Plans:

He plans to join a Formula Ford race team, working his way through the Atlantic and Cart series before making the jump to F1 racing by the age of 25. Also, getting rid of his new brother-in-law in some kind of freak track incident!!

Rob Featherstone

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