Name: Polly Howchin
Grad: 2005

Mouat Stats:

Team Involvement: 2 years
Best Reaction Time: .015
Accolades: 4th Female driver of the Jeep YJ (12.9sec pass).

Mouat Highlights:

Finding out that my legs are too short while learning to drive the Jeep at Mission. When Danny hurts himself doing the simplest of things (very funny).

Team Experiences:

The Christams Parade and working on the Talon(s) after school on Thursdays. More to come.......


Swimming; soccer; hockey; working on the cars in the shop; learning about historic events (Yes, I'm a geek).

Future Plans:

Maybe go to BCIT or move to England and become an Archaelogist (I'm so weird).

Polly Howchin

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