Name: Nathan Wieler
Grad: 2001

Mouat Stats:

Team Involvement: 4 years
Best Reaction Time: .500 (on April 6, 2001)
Accolades: 6 Wins, 7 Runner-ups, 2 Import winners

Mouat Highlights:

Racing the Mouat Jeep YJ for the first time and placing 2nd in it. Winning the Import class at Mission Raceway, and having a top 5 placing at both Mission and Ashcroft racetracks. Nathan also raced at SIR (Saskatchewan International Raceway) for there only High School event and placed third. Blowing-up the Jeep engine.

Team Experiences:

Meeting lots of people at the race tracks, learning new techniques and having fun. Nathan also is proud of his .500 and .501 reaction times. He also took two girls to Prom (Adrienne and Lisa).


Nathan is an avid computer user, autosport enthusiast, and enjoys restoring classic vehicles. He is currently restoring a 1956 S-100 IHC truck.

Future Plans:

Nathan wants to work in the computer networking field and plans to continue drag racing with his older brother.

Nathan Wieler

Nathan's ride!!

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