Name: Mike Garrett
Grad: 2000

Mouat Highlights:

Building the Mouat Racing Web site. "Totally Awesome"


Mike likes relaxing on various Okanagan lakes and beaches ,business and snowboarding.
(PS....He no longer stalks Britney Spears (Only in High School).

Current Career:

Currently living in the Okanagan, working at Kohler Canada Ltd, as a fibreglass gun operator/laminator on bathtubs, showers & whirlpools. On the side, he's working on developing some e-commerce projects through a company in Spokane, Washington. Check out Mike's business site at:  Enter "Guest" for access code.

Future Plans:

To build my e-commerce business-up enough that I can retire from my job before I am 30 years old and enjoy life.

Mike Garrett

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