Name: Lisa Beaudet
Grad: 2002

Mouat Stats:

Team Involvement: 2 years
Best Reaction Time: .524
Accolades: One Runner-up in Ashcroft. Winning an Ashcroft Jacket.

Mouat Highlights:

Working all day at Ashcroft to change the Wagoneer's sparkplugs (several times). Spending late nights at the school to work on the Jeep. Taking over the driving duties of the Just for Fun Camaro from my boyfriend (Laser boy). Check out the car she races at:

Team Experiences:

Finding out how much better girls are than guys at almost everything. Hanging out with all the hotties at the track. Helped plan Mr. Johnson's surprise Birthday party. Gone 4x4ing with Mr. Johnson at Ashcroft. Sleeping in a freezing trailer.


Lisa's hobbies are: Racing, cruising, swimming, and working on cars.

Future Plans:

Lisa hopes to join a Formula Ford team soon and ultimately drive an Indy car or if all else fails, listen to my parents and become a lawyer.

Lisa Beaudet

Lisa's ride

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