Name: Richard Johnson
Career: Auto Mechanics Teacher at W.J. Mouat

Mouat Bio:

Team Involvement: Started Drag Racing Team in 1992.
Duties: Motorsports Director at W.J. Mouat.

Mouat Highlights:

Spending endless hours with great students and enjoying it!!! Success has blessed our Team and we have many Championships and Trophies for all our efforts. Our Highest Media Profile was a layout in a National magazine (Bracket Racing USA - Dec 95) and profiled on TSN.

Team Experiences:

Traveling to Calgary, Prince George, Medford & Woodburn (Oregon), Boise (Idaho), Seattle & Yakima (Washington). There's a story for every out-of-town event we travel to. The learning process never ends.

Future Plans:

Top secret!!!

Quad Master

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