Joining the Drag Racing Team

This program is Co-Curricular to the Technology courses offered at W.J. Mouat. Therefore, Students MUST BE currently enrolled at the school and in a Technology course (Mechanics, Drafting, Vinyl Graphics, Woodwork, Tech, and/or Metal). Permission forms, and a driver's record search (if driving) must be completed and submitted prior to attending any events. All students must adhere to the Racing Policy and Procedures manual which is included in the Drag Racing Package. It is a Privilege, not a right to join this program and any misconduct will NOT be tolerated.

There are two different ways to drive in High School Drag Racing. One way is to race your own vehicle in competition. And the other way is to race one of the school owned vehicles. See below for some details.

Student's own vehicle

Students can participate with their own vehicle for High School Competition. All drivers must wear a certified (Snell 2000 or newer) helmet and appropriate clothing. Extra helmets are owned by the Race Team. The vehicle will be inspected prior to each competition for proper requirements to race at an NHRA facility. Students are responsible for their own entry fees and vehicle expenses (eg. gas).     Student Application Form

School owned vehicles

Students wishing to drive or crew for the School owned vehicles MUST BE enrolled in Automotive Tech EL. 12 (Extended Day) during their grade 12th year. Also, in order to race properly, and safely, students must have the skills to build and maintain the Race Jeep and support vehicles. The race facilities are the testing grounds to the student's abilities at servicing and tuning the vehicles. Therefore, students must be actively involved in the Automotive shop and additional Automotive courses are strongly recommended. Drivers will be selected from the crew members, based on their dedication, knowledge, skills, personality, and participation in team activities. Students should start participating during their Grade 11th year, to learn the roles and procedures that the Race Team requires. Crew members must accrue a min. 25 hours of service prior to attending field trips. Students are responsible for their own entry fees and meals.     Crew Application Form

Please see Mr. Johnson in the Auto Shop for forms and more details.

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