Name: Adrienne deChamplain
Grad: 2002

Mouat Stats:

Team Involvement: 2 years
Best Reaction Time: .500 (April 13 & Aug 18/2002)
Accolades: Won Prince George ICBC Provincial event and one Ashcroft race. 1st Female student from Mouat to win a Drag Race. 2nd Female driver of the Jeep YJ. Qualified for the North West Divisional Finals in Yakima.

Mouat Highlights:

Placed 3rd in the ICBC Provincial Championship Series. Rippin' down the track in the 12 sec. Jeep YJ. Building an engine from scratch.

Team Experiences:

Staying at school till 11:30 at night to swap the engine in the Jeep YJ (but enjoyed every second of it)! Sleeping in the Wagoneer so many nights all by herself in Ashcroft. Peeing on the side of the road. LOL Hanging out with the guys on our team and other school teams, and loving it!! Scribing tools and doing inventory.


Drag racing, working on cars, singing, listening to music.

Future Plans:

Unsure at this time. Possibly a funny car driver, or a singer and if all else fails a Bartender.

Adrienne deChamplain

Adrienne's ride!!

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