Vehicle: 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Features: Air Conditioning (R134)
                 Denso Compressor #471-0108
Weight: 4800 lbs.
Best ET: 16.72 sec @ 81. mph (¼ mile)- April 29, 2005
Best 60 foot: 2.571 sec.
Starting Line Acceleration: 1.??g's

Engine: 5.2L (Dodge 318 Magnum)

Compression: 9.1:1
Pistons: OEM
Camshaft: Roller OEM
Valvetrain: OEM
Rings: OEM
Heads: OEM
Oil Pump: Melling M-72HV
Oil Pan: OEM
Intake: OEM
Exhaust: Edelbrock Tubular Ceramic coated SS Headers #66042
                Remflex Graphite exhaust gaskets #6004
                Stage 8 SS Header bolts #8955
                Magnaflow 2.5" cat-back SS system #15857
                Walker Ultra Catalytic Converter #93303
Oil Filtration: Fram TG16

Fuel System:

Multi-port injection
AC Delco Fuel pump: MU192
Filtration: Fram G7399

Ignition: by Aurora Electronics

Aurora 8.5 mm wires
Sparkplugs: Autolite #3924

Cooling System:

Radiator: OEM
Electric Cooling Fan: Mopar 2-speed #56022139AC
Electric Cooling switch: Hayden #2654

Transmission: 46RH (A518) by Bill Kondolay (DTT)

Gear Ratios: 1st: 2.45, 2nd: 1.54, 3rd: 1.0, O/D: 0.69
46RH upgrades:
          Shift Kit: Transgo Stage 1
          2nd Gear: Billet Servo cover, HD Band strap & anchor
          3rd Gear: Clutch pack increased to 5 (from 3)
          Overdrive: Clutch pack increased to 5 (from 3)
          Overdrive Direct: Clutch pack increased to 10 (from 8)
          Rear Planetary: 4 Pinion (from 3)
          Throttle Valve (TV) Cable: Mopar #52078447
Converter: 518HD by Island Torque Converters
          518HD Towing (Part# CR63X - Serial# G223)
          Full bearings, hardened steel spline, pinned stator with special clutch lining bonded to front cover.
Cooler: Long #4490 (22,000 GVW)
Oil Filtration: Fram FT1039A

Transfer case: NV249 Quadra-Trac by OEM

Front Suspension:

4.10:1 Gears
Big Brake Conversion by Johnson
          Based on: 2003 WJ GC Aquibono (Japan)
          Raybestos Ceramic pads: #ATD945C
          A1-Cardone Semi-Loaded Calipers: #18-B4827 & #18-B4826
          Stop Tech 12" rotors: #126.67042SL & #126.67042SR
          Mopar WJ Knuckle: #5011976AB & #5011977AB
OME Nitrocharger shocks: #N39
OME HD coil springs: #2934
Rubicon adjustable LCA: #RE3715
Rubicon adjustable UCA: #RE3780
Borgeson Steering Shaft: #000896
OME Steering Stabilizer Damper: #SD48
AGR Performance P/S Pump: #816256 >>> Steering upgrades in progress <<<
AGR Performance P/S Box: #262251 >>> Steering upgrades in progress <<<
Dunlop Rover RVXT (Load Range E) LT245/75R16
American Racing: Crush 16x8 (5 x 4.5) #329-6865

Rear Suspension:

DANA 44HD by IWE rearends only
4.10:1 Gears w/Trac-Loc
Disc Brake Conversion by Johnson
          Swapped in: 1997 ZJ D44HD axle w/Custom truss
                               1997 ZJ metering valve
          Raybestos Ceramic pads: #ATD666C
          Raybestos e-brake shoes: #701PG
          Power slot 11" rotors: #8732PSL & #8732PSR
OME Nitrocharger shocks: #N40
OME HD coil springs: #2943
U-Joints: Precision HD #280 (1310 series) / 275 (1310-1330 conversion)
Dunlop Rover RVXT (Load Range E) LT245/75R16
American Racing: Crush 16x8 (5 x 4.5) #329-6865


Alpine stereo system: by Audio Video Unlimited (Abbotsford)
          Alpine Stereo #CDA-983, Alpine Door speakers # , Alpine Amps # and 2 Alpine Subs in custom box.
          SIRIUS Satellite Radio #SV1
          Autopage Secuirty RF-410
Auto Meter Gauges: 3 ¾" Tach; Oil, Water, Rich-Lean >>> Instrumentation upgrades in progress <<<
Factory Leather bucket seats

Body & Paint

OEM Black paint
Supernerf bars #OGS850
AVS Bugflector #25526
Spyder Head lights #HD-ON-JGC93-1PC-LED-BK
Spyder Tail lights #ALT-YD-JGC93-BK
3" Bull bar #

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